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Little Things Loved

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Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Furniture
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"New Tootsietoy Furniture",
Box Only

Item G370               $20.00

"Tootsietoy Furniture Made In U.S.A."  Box only

Item G371           $15.00

Vintage Corner Fireplace

Item G128            $15.00

Small German Grand Piano

Item G246            $10.00

Jaymar "Happy Hour" Kitchen Stove & Hutch

Item G234           $15.00

Pair of German 3/4" Scale

Item G444          $15.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Dining Room 3 Pc. Set

Item G372            $25.00

"The Gate-Leg Suite"

Item G091          $65.00

Tynietoy Flip Top Table / Chair

Item G536          $45.00

Strombecker 3/4" scale 7pc
Odd Lot Bedroom Pieces

Item G319           $18.00

Stromecker 1" Scale 6pc. Purple Bedroom Set

Item G374           $75.00

American Oak Dining Room 

Item G165          $65.00

Strombecker Walled Bathroom
 3 pc. Set,  3/4" Scale

Item G572          $48.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Bed, Vanity, Bench, & Lamp

Item G221           $30.00

Strombecker Kitchen Set
3 Pc. Set, 3/4" Scale

Item G573          $20.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 8 pc.
Red/Gold Living Room Set

Item G377            $75.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 
Red/Gold Piano & Bench

Item G378              $35.00

TynieToy Piano Bench

Item G009          $45.00

Strombecker Bedroom Set in
3/4" scale,  6 pieces

Item G576          $20.00

2 piece German Bedroom Set

Item G051         $55.00

Strombecker Bathroom Vanity
Bench, & Hamper, 1" Scale

Item G577          $42.00

German "Red Stain" Table and Four Chairs

Item G158          $45.00

German "Red Stain" Buffet

Item G026            $55.00 

Sonia Messer Pot-Belly Stove MIB

Item G175         $10.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 3pc.
Bathroom Set, nice repaint

Item G464            $15.00

German "Red Stain" Chest

Item G029          $35.00

Porcelain Sink & Bath Tub
1" scale

Item G342         $10.00

Piano with Bench

Item G031       $30.00

German Soft Metal Set

Item G050         $35.00

German "Red Stain" Table

Item G033          $20.00

House of Miniatures, Three Unused Kits + One Finished Chest

Item G157         $20.00 

German "Red Stain" Sideboard

Item G035          $35.00

German Folding Garden Set

Item G078          $35.00

German "Red Stain" Chairs
---5 Available---

Item G037          $32.00 each

German "Red Stain" Chairs
---3 Available---

Item G038         $42.00 each

Wood Table & Three Chairs,
Stamped "MADE IN U.S.A."

Item G561       Sold, thank you!

Strombecker 1" Scale Pink
Cradle with Rose Decal

Item G380         $35.00

Strombecker 7 Piece Painted 3/4" Scale Furniture Set

Item G072        Sold, thank you!

Set of 4 Chairs, 2 Marked West

Item G450          $10.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Red Kitchen Table & 2 Chairs

Item G384                $22.00

Triang Spot On Noah's Ark
MIB, 1/16 Scale

Item G438           $20.00

Triang Spot On Baby's Bath and Stand, Box, 1/16 Scale

Item G439         $30.00

Triang Spot On "Swanlyne"
Lavatory MIB, 1/16 Scale

Item G440              $10.00

Triang Spot On Dining Room Table, Box, 1/16 Scale

Item G441            $10.00

Velva Toys Living Room Set

Item G069        $55.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Pink/
Silver 7pc. Bedroom Set

Item G385            $65.00

Triang Spot On Bedroom Stool
No.1011 in Original Box

Item G442                $8.00

Brass Rocking Cradle 

Item G277           $15.00

Plastic Furniture Lot, Dining Room Set Mint in Blister Pac.

Item G520           $12.00

Marx 3 Piece Nursery Set 

Item G521          $8.00

Renwal Highchair in Original Box

Item G522           $5.00

Renwal Teacher's Desk Chair & Three Student Desks 

Item G523         $20.00

Renwal Teacher's Desk Chair & Two Student Desks

Item G524          $15.00

Ideal Sewing machine

Item G525        $8.00