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Dollhouses and Other Structures
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Early Converse Red Robin Farm with Original
Rare Tin Weather Vane, animals, and Box

Item 384              $450.00

Gertrude's Store, 1880's, From Flora Gill Jacobs
Collection, Everything Included, as Shown

Item 100         $2,200.00

Wolverine "Corner Grocer"
With Box

Item 196            $35.00

Libby Toy Grocery Store Display, 1923

Item 197         $40.00

Folding "Pet's Toy Grocery Store", England

Item 198          $45.00

1928 Cass Bungalow

Item 101        $185.00

German Store, with doll and groceries as shown

Item 102             $325.00

1930 Schoenhut 2 Story, 4 Room + Attic
Dollhouse, nice small size

Item 103            $595.00

Arcade Cast Iron Kitchen Set, 10 Pieces of Furniture  and Original Heavy Board Kitchen with Nook

Item 104.        $895.00