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Dollhouse Books and Magazines
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International Dolls House News, 4 issues.    

Item B17         Sold, thank you!

International Dolls House News, 6 issues, + 1 from 1985  

Item B35        Sold, thank you!

International Dolls House News, 8 issues,    

Item B36        Sold, thank you!

Antique & Colectible Toys 1870-1950

Item B31               $5.00

A Fabulous Dollhouse of the Twenties

Item B32            $5.00

International Dolls House News, 9 issues,            

Item B33       Sold, thank you!

Official Catalog Miniature Rooms

Item B28               $2.00

A History of Doll Houses

Item B34       $4.00

Dolls' Houses in America

Item B30            $15.00

A World of Doll Houses

Item B25           $4.00

Dolls & Dolls' Houses

Item B26            $3.00

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Item B27        Sold, thank you!

Mansions in Miniature

Item B22            $10.00

Souvenir Book of The Queen's Dolls House

Item B23               $5.00

A World of Doll Houses

Item B24        SOLD, Thank you!

The Encyclopedia of Collectibles "D"

Item B19           $5.00

A History of Dolls' Houses

Item B20         SOLD, Thank you!

The Decorated Doll House

Item B21               $5.00

The Dollhouse Book

Item B16        SOLD, Thank you!

Der Universal - German Toys
1924 / 1926          

Item B37           $5.00

Arcade Toys

Item B18         Sold, thank you!

The Mott Miniature Collection

Item B13         Sold, thank you!

This Side of Yesterday in Miniature

Item B14            $5.00

Decorative Dollhouses

Item B15         $5.00

Dolls' Houses, Life in Miniature

Item B10            $5.00

Inside The World of Miniatures & Dollhouses

Item B11         $5.00

Collectors History of Dolls' Houses

Item B12         Sold, thank you!

Doll Kitchens 1800-1980

Item B7         Sold, thank you!

Miniature Room Settings

Item B8         $3.00

Doll's Houses, a Personal Choice       $8.00

Item B9

Bliss Toys and Dollhouses

Item B4              $25.00

Paper Toys of the World

Item B5           $5.00

Jerry Smith's Collections From The American Past

Item B6       Sold, thank you!

Maerklin Bros.& Co. H&J 1906        

Item B1      Sold, thank you!

Doll Home Library Series Volume Four

Item B2         $2.00

Fascinating Tin Toys For Girls 1890-1920

Item B3         $15.00