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Little Things Loved

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Accessories & Dolls
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Celluloid Baby Doll, Marked

Item G332            $20.00

Plastic Tea Set, Frying Pans and Clocks

Item G513           $12.00

Small Metal Doll Swing

Item G235         $15.00

Vintage Sewing Box

Item G123        $35.00

Vintage Photo Albums

Item G124          $35.00

Vintage Boxes of Fruits $ Vegetables

Item G125       $35.00

School Room Clock

Item G120         $8.00

Limoges Group

Item G121       $15.00

Porcelain Vase

Item G122       $10.00

Mint on Card Set of Sauce Pans, Made in Japan

Item G345         $20.00

Tiny Bisque Cottage

Item G109       $15.00

Tiny Copper Salt & Pepper

Item G110       $15.00

Tiny Metal Cook Stove

Item G105           $15.00

Barton Clothes Wringer and Carpet Sweeper

Item G348         SOLD, thank you!

Vintage Metal Garden Trellis

Item G508          $25.00

Vintage Garden Pond

Item G509       $25.00

Vintage Wooden Garden Bridge

Item G510            $22.00

Vintage Garden Tree Swing

Item G511             $22.00

Vintage Upright Vacuum

Item G102       $15.00

Sun Rubber Co. "Dolly's Crib /
Dolly's Cradle"

Item G457            $15.00

4Pc. Set of Dollhouse Toys

Item G253              $15.00

Japanese Geisha Glass Dome

G099           $35.00

Tiny Tin Furniture

G100         $20.00

Copper Fireplace Set

G463           Sold, thank you!

Vintage Tiny Spectacles

Item G096        $15.00

Vintage Tiny Pacifier

Item G097         $15.00

Vintage Tiny Brush & Comb

Item G098          $15.00

"Bend-a-Family" Mom & Kids
with Stroller

Item G347           $10.00

Barton & Co Cutlery Tray 

Item G008        $15.00

Flower Pots and Vases

Item G047         $25.00

10 Miniature Confection Jars in Store Display

Item G042         $40.00

2 Chrysnbon Heritage in
Miniature Kits

Item G271      $10.00  

Fireplace Tool Set and Log

Item G044        $25.00

Petite Princess Phone and Table

Item G514           $8.00

Tiny Plastic Dressing Table Lamps

Item G515             $10.00

Irwin Plastic Coffee set 
with Tray

Item G516         $8.00

Renwal 5 pc, Housekeeping Set

Item G517          $35.00

Three Plastic Phones, one is Renwal

Item G518           $12.00

Thin, Delicate Plastic Dishes

Item G519          $5.00