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German Soft Metal "U.S. Mail"

Item G584          $45.00

"Old Sturbridge Village"
Stockinette Type Doll with
original hang tag, 5 1/2"

Item G585    On Hold    $35.00

Two Vintage Table Lamps, one with a celluloid shade.

Item G586         $20.00

Wonderful Old Caco Boy Doll

Item G532         $48.00

German Composition Gray Tabby Cat

Item G533         $25.00

Wonder Book "The Doll Family"
1962 --Erna Meyer Doll Family

Item G534          $20.00

Erna Meyer Baby Doll #1

Item G529          $25.00

Erna Meyer Baby Doll #2

Item G530        $25.00

Erna Meyer Baby Doll #3

Item G531         $20.00

MinToy Table Top Sewing Machine, MIB, F.A.O. Schwarz

Item G503           $55.00

German Miniature Balance

Item G504         $45.00

5 Old Embossed Tin Frames with Paper Litho Pictures,
John Wanamaker Labels

Item G559        $35.00

German Tin Brush Holder

Item G489          $55.00

German Brush Holder with Round Brush & Porcelain Bowl

Item G490         $30.00

German Bisque Cat Family

Item G491          $40.00

Set of Three Beaded Plants in Glass Pots

Item G458          $45.00

Standing Gold Metal Picture
Frame, Mother & Child Photo

Item G459          $25.00

Standing Gold Metal Picture
Frame with Photo of Baby

Item G460          $25.00

German Painted Bisque Bride and Groom Tied in Original Box

Item G469            $85.00

Grecon Golliwog Doll

Item G411            $45.00

China Head Doll, 6" Tall

Item G461         $22.00

Vintage Treadle Sewing Machine & Metal Cash Register

Item G395                $15.00

Vintage Brass Fireplace Tools, Lamp, Candle Holder

Item G396               $22.00

Fireplace, Picture Frames, Angels, Plaster Type Material

Item G485       $20.00

Newer Vintage Wooden Accessories, 11 pieces

Item G443           $10.00

Petite Princess 4 piece 
Bisque Accessoreies

Item G448             $10.00

Vintage Metal Accessories
9 Pieces

Item G394              $10.00

German Silverware Caddy
on Original Card

Item G320         $55.00

German Metal Cooking Set
on Original Card

Item G321      $45.00

Grandmother Stover's Large Nursery Set, MIP

Item G322        $40.00

Grandmother Stover's  Breakfast Set

Item G323      $45.00

Grandmother Stover's             Tea Set

Item G324       $45.00

Grandmother Stover's Baking Set

Item G325      $20.00

Houseworks Window, MIB, and
Four Exterior Doors

Item G484    $12.00

Vintage Barton Radiator

Item G583           $6.00

Unusual Miniature Tool Set

Item G134           $10.00

Three Little Bears Set

Item G305           $8.00

Vintage Collection of Metal

Item G306              $10.00

Vintage Bisque Tea Set+Extra Pieces, All Stamped "Japan"

Item G494         $22.00

3 Vintage Erna Meyer Dolls

Item G299            $35.00

Vintage Caco Dolls

Item G300           $30.00

MIP "Made in Japan" Doll

Item G301           $5.00

Brass Fireplace Andirons

Item G330      Sold, thank you!

Small German Bisque Doll Figurine

Item G297               $10.00

Grecon Palace Guard and Little Boy, Made in England

Item G298               $10.00

Miniature Parian Bisque Busts

Item G326       $40.00

Vintage pair of Candelabras

Item G331               $8.00 

Reproduction Antique Style Wall Sconces

Item G560      Sold, thank you!

Four Bialosky Bears by Gund 1982 /84

Item G267            $35.00

Vintage Dollhouse Food
21 Pieces

Item G495        $22.00

Pair of Kittens with Flower Pots

Item G269            $15.00

Tin Dollhouse / Grocery Store

Item G462           $18.00

Celluloid Band On Wooden Barrels, 8+ pieces

Item G451               $15.00

German Plastic Tv Set Pencil Sharpener

Item G512        $15.00

Dishes and Silverware

Item G563       $15.00

Four Flagg Children & Friend

Item G497          On hold

Art Deco Mantle Clock

Item G202         $15.00

German Kitchen Set

Item G163         $55.00

German Sauce Pans

Item G164         $30.00

Vintage Vacuum Cleaners

Item G166          $20.00