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Antique Peter Pia Soft Metal Bed  c.1900

Antique Peter Pia soft metal  dollhouse bed c. 1900

measures 4 3/8" long, 3 1/8" wide, and 3 1/8" tall at the headboard.  The side rails on the bed have tabs that fit into the head and footboards to hold the bed

together.  There should be 8 tabs, this bed has 5 of

them and is missing 3.  It looks like someone long ago put a small bit of glue in the tab joints to keep the bed nice and solid.  The old glue is hard to see, you

have to look for it, in fact I have had this bed a long time and never saw the glue until I was inspecting it

for this listing.

These beds originally came with a cardboard mattress held in place by a piece of soft metal that

is attached below the side rails and bent up under the

bed for the cardboard to rest on.  I'm not sure why but on this bed that piece is straight down and I didn't

want to try and bend it up and break it.  I took pictures of another Peter Pia bed I have that is mint in the original box to show how it should look.  If you are like me and don't want to risk bending those pieces back up

please know that the cardboard does stay put without them.  The cardboard on this bed is not the original.


The bed comes with old homemade bedding , a wonderful mattress and pillow that are hand stitched together, a light blue quilt with lace edging, and a green pillow with lace.  The bed is in very good condition.  

The last 2 pictures show the cardboard mattress and how it is held in place, that bed is not included in this



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