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Tynietoy Pink Four Piece Nursery Set

Tynietoy pink 4 piece nursery set includes crib,

4" long, 2 1/16" wide and 3" tall with hand painted  flowers on the head and foot boards, 

dresser, 2 5/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide, and 1 1/2" deep

with hand painted flowers on all 3 drawers, child's chair 2 3/8" tall, 1 1/4" deep at seat, 1 1/2" wide at the widest part of the seat, hand painted flowers on the 2 back slats, child's table

2 1/4" by 2 1/4" top, 1 7/8" tall, hand painted flowers on the top.

The crib, dresser, and table are all stamped with the older Tynietoy logo, the chair is not

stamped (I don't think they had room to get the stamp in between the small legs). All pieces are in excellent

condition with the exception of the table top having crazing to the paint.  Last picture shows a tiny baby book,

probably homemade, that I found in one of the dresser drawers.


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