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Cardboard Room Box Attributed To Peter Pia, ca. 1900

In Dian Zillner and Patty Cooper's book

"Antique & Collectible Dollhouses and Their Furnishings" on page 192 the same room as this one is pictured and attributed to Peter Pia

New York circa 1900.  This room has the same

soft metal overmantel mirror and easel with framed picture as the Peter Pia room shown in Flora Gill Jacobs book, but does not have the pictures printed on the walls rather the holes in the wall with soft metal pictures tied on.  My

room is missing the pictures as is the one in

Dian Zillner and Patty Cooper's book.  

This room measures 11 1/4" wide, 9 1/2" deep, and 8 7/8" tall, the exterior walls are brick and the interior walls are a very soft yellow print.

The rug is also a soft yellow design.  The brick fireplace is printed on the wall and the mirror is tired onto the wall the same as the missing pictures would have been.  Also included are a rocking chair and a straight chair with velvet seats, the rocking chair has a partial date stamped on the bottom of Aug. 13.  This room is very good for its age but does have a little damage on the front right corner.  I don't think the old lace curtains are

original to the room and think they could be easily removed.


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