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Peter Pia Cardboard Room Box with Furniture

In Flora Gill Jacobs last book, "The Small World of

Antique Doll's Houses" on page 267 she has a 

segment called "Furnished Doll Apartments" By

Peter Pia.  While this exact room is not shown in

the illustration from 1901, it has many similarities.

This room does not have a fireplace, but does have a clock and two plate racks along with seven

pictures on the 3 walls, 3 on the back wall and 2 on each side of both windows.  It was my feeling that this room may have been indented as a kitchen because of the beadboard around the walls and the plate racks.  

The room folds flat and measures 11" wide, 9 1/2" deep, and 9 7/8" tall.  The room fells sturdy and is in very good condition with a small dent on the front left side of the floor, and a small stain on the left rear near the wall.  I believe the table and 2 chairs are

Peter Pia and the small metal stove is German and missing the stove pipe.  I had added the stove displaying the room as a kitchen.  I think the "curtains" were added and could be removed.


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