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Vintage Moulin Roty 5 Piece Wooden Food Set

Vintage Moulin Roty 5 piece wooden food set includes a 3 5/8" tall bottle marked "Le bon Lait", a 1 3/8" red jar marked "Confiture", a 1 7/8" white jar marked "Danone", and two 1 7/8" cans

one marked "Cassoulet" and the other marked "Carottes" 

All are in very good condition, the bottle has a small crack (pictured) in the back where it looks like there was a knot in the wood.  Also the labels on the bottle and the white and red jars have wrinkles in the paper.  I don't know the age of these, but I have had them for at least 15 years and they were not new when I got them.

Item 437