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Strombecker 3/4" Scale 3 Piece Bathroom with Walled Tub

Strombecker 3/4" scale 3 piece bathroom with blue "tile" bathtub  walls, pedestal sink and toilet.

These are the sink and toilet that go with this walled set, don't know what happen to the walls but still a nice set.

The bathtub walls are 4 3/8" tall, 2" deep, and 4" wide.  The shower head,  a nail, is missing as is the shower curtain, not really sure if it originally came with a curtain.  There is a thin crack in the wall right below the hole for the curtain rod on the right side.

All 3 pieces show a good bit of age and play wear and are in fair condition.


                                                                                                                    Item 434