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Tynietoy New England Townhouse

This wonderful Tynietoy New England Townhouse dollhouse has 6 rooms with a center hall and staircase.  The living room and dining room on the main floor, both have original built in fireplaces, the dining room has a door that opens into the kitchen.  The kitchen has a side door that opens to the outside as well as a window on the side.

The upstairs has two bedrooms off the center hall, the bedroom on the left has a door that opens into the bathroom.  The bathroom has a small window on the side wall.

The front sections of the house both lift off and the front half of both roofs are hinged and lift up for play. The attic space in the main section is one big space, but I have seen other collectors put in partitions for extra rooms.  I think the lights in this house might be original but they are not operable, someone cut the wires off at the back of the house.

The exterior of the house has its original white paint with green shutters on all 18 windows in this dollhouse. The windows all have the original acetate "glass" with white painted mullions, the window above the front door has a horizontal split in the acetate but is intact.  I think this house is in great condition for its age, with some nicks and scuffs to the paint and a few small cracks in the wood.  As far as I know it seems to be all original.  I have owned it for over 21 years and have not done anything to it.  It even has its original chimneys on the back side of the roof.  I have taken a lot of pictures and although I won't be able to load very many here I would be happy to email you whatever you want to see.  I wish I had room to list all the wonderful things about this house, hopefully the pictures will tell the story.

The house is 48" across the front, 16" deep and 29 1/2" tall on the main section, the wing section is 11" deep and 19 1/2" tall.  The furniture, dolls and accessories are not included in the sale of this house.

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