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Celluloid Band on Wooden Barrels, "Japan"

Celluloid band on wooden barrels marked "Japan".  There are 8 pieces There are in tact, 1 banjo player, 2 guitar players players, 1 accordion player, 2 base players (one is missing the tip of the bow, the other bow is bent) 1 player has a long straight black instrument, I don't know what it is so I don't know if it is complete, and 1 player has nothing in his hands so he is obviously missing his instrument.  The two extras are broken off their barrels, 1 is a violin player that is missing one arm, the other is a base player that is missing part of the bow.  All but two are stamped "Japan", three have some pencil writing on the bottom.  Tallest is base player on barrel at 2" tall.


Item 223