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German Store

This sweet little German store probably dates from the early 1900's and has built in store shelves along the back wall with original grain painting on the center pediment, decorative front pieces as well as on the attached store counter.

The store box is 18" wide at the front, 14 1/2" wide in the back, 8 1/2" tall (a little taller at the center pediment) and 7 1/2" deep.

The store comes with the contents shown in the picture at the left.  The doll is most likely German, has a bisque head (wobbles a bit}

  with composition arms and legs and is 5" tall.  The store goods look old and are mostly German.

The two arched windows on each side of the opening are missing the glass and the window on the right is missing the sill.  The outside of the store looks to me to be original paint, the inside has had some repainting'. The walls and the sides and insides of the shelves have been repainted and some over painting got on the original floor paper.  An old bell hangs by the front right window and some old hooks, 2 on each side were installed by a previous owner.  I think this store has a very warm and charming look to it.  


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