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Gertrude's Store, 1880's

Gertrude's Store is from Flora Gill Jacobs collection and was shown in two of her books and on the cover of her book "A Book of Dolls and Doll Houses". I bought this wonderful store at the June 19, 2004 Noel Barrett auction, I still have the tag and paperwork.

The store measures 23 3/8" wide at the base, 18 1/2" tall at the front, and 12 3/4" deep.  The two large windows in the front have a raised "rope" decoration going up both sides with the same plaster type decoration in the pediments above, and the bases below.  The two windows on the front as well as the two windows on the sides have "scroll cut embellishments" as Ms Jacobs described in her books.  She goes on to describe "two stenciled placards proclaiming that this is the Kaufhaus of Gertrud"  These two front window sections are hinged and swing open.  Ms. Jacobs also states that the exterior has been repainted, and the interior is virtually in mint condition.  There are 16 drawers with "imitation wood veneer fronts" , all with their original brass labels.  The center section has double glass doors with pink shelves behind.  In the center sits an oversized scale on a table that is missing its drawer and  the tiny needle on the scale was broken off in shipping and I have kept it with the scale.

The contents of the store are what was in it when I bought it and include: 7 miniature tea tins, one missing its lid, 1 Huntley & Palmers Biscuits tin, 3 tins shaped like trunks, 6 wooden pieces, 3 crocks, 5 clear glass pieces, 6 miniature German Beer Steins, and 10 German spice jars (words in German) 7 have lids, and 1 pitcher.  

The store has its original floor paper and is in very good to excellent condition with only a few minor flaws.  One strip of molding is missing on the top right side, there is a crack in the window glass on the left front, and the small latch on the right front section is frozen in place.  I have taken a lot of pictures of the store and the accessories so if you want to see more just let us know.


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