Little Things Loved
Antique and Vintage
Dollhouses and

Little Things Loved

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Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Furniture

Two Cats Playing with Sewing
Machine, German painted metal.

Item G537          $125.00

F.A.O. Schwarz Bathroom Sink
With Celluloid Tag on Back

Item G538      Sold, thank you!

Strombecker Kitchen Sink with Old Faucets Added

Item G539      Sold, thank you!

Lynnfield Blockhouse Secretary Desk MIB

Item G498         $85.00

Lynnfield Blockhouse Dining Room Server, MIB

Item G499         $55.00

Lynnfield Blockhouse Corner Cabinet, MIB

Item G500         $45.00

Schneegas Red Library Table

Item G473          $95.00

Schneegas Red Side Chair

Item G474            $55.00

German Washstand, Lid lifts

Item G475           $95.00

German Sewing Stand

Item G424              $45.00

German Corner Hutch

Item G425             $35.00

Grand Rapids Wanner
Ice Box

Item G406           $40.00

Lynnfield Block House Night
Stand with Drawer

Item G479           $38.00

Lynnfield Block House Dining
Room Talbe & Six Chairs

Item G478         $145.00

Lynnfield Block House Corner Cabinet

Item G415            $40.00

Beautiful Solid Mahogany
Sideboard, 1920's

Item G427          $85.00

Lynnfield Block House MIB Dresser with extra mirror

Item G480        $55.00

Lynnfield Block House Chiffrobe MIB 

Item G481       $48.00

Strombecker Custom Built
Dining Room Chair #1

Item G431             $35.00

Strombecker Custom Built
Dining Room Chair #2

Item G432              $35.00

Strombecker Custom Built
Dining Room Chair #3

Item G433            $35.00

Lynnfield Block House Empire
Style Twin Beds

Item G482         $45.00

Kage Plant Stand with Flowers 

Item G526      SOLD, thank you!

Hilleary House Ladderback Chair, original box

Item G445            $45.00

German Red Stain Dining
Room Hutch

Item G446            $55.00

Grand Rapids, Wanner Baby

Item G416             $18.00

Set of Four Wooden Animal 
Chairs "Made in Japan"

Item G351         $35.00

Grand Rapids, Wanner Living Room Group

Item G417           $55.00

Grand Rapids, Wanner Bedroom Group

Item G418             $55.00

Grand Rapids, Wanner Kitchen Group

Item G419         $48.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 6pc
Nursery Set

Item G389              $80.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 6pc.
Cream Bedroom Set

Item G390                $95.00

Strombecker 1: Scale 6pc
Blonde Wood Bedroom Set

Item G391                $90.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Dark Blue 5 pc. Bathroom Set 

Item G466          $70.00

Strombecker Plaything 1"
Scale 5pc Living Room Group

Item G387                 $45.00

Strombecker Bathroom Scale
and Trash Can

Item G468             $38.00

"Steel Doll Furniture" 6 pcs
of furniture, original box

Item G302           $65.00

Lynnfield / BlockHouse Pedestal Cabinet, door opens

Item G487         $40.00

Vintage Kitchen Hutch

Item G340      $35.00

Pair of German Soft Metal

Item G353          $85.00

German Soft Metal Standing Mirror

Item G354         $35.00

Vintage 5 pc. Dining Room Set

Item G355         $45.00

Strombecker 3/4" Scale
Yellow Bathroom Set

Item G429            $18.00

Nancy Forbes 3 pc. White
Bathroom Set + Sofa

Item G430          $15.00

German 1" scale Bathroom

Item G328            $25.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 8 pc. Red Living Room Set

Item G334             $80.00

Old Wooden kitchen Hutch
with opening doors.

Item G435             $22.00

Arcade Laundry Room Chair & Hot Plate

Item G341       $45.00

Four Strombecker Custom
Built Walnut Chairs

Item G436         $30.00

Strombecker Genuine Walnut 1" Scale Floor Radio

Item G285           $18.00

Strombecker Genuine Walnut 1" Scale Chest

Item G286              $22.00

Antique German Nursery Set

Item G272             $25.00

FAO Schwarz Grandfather Clock Pocket Watch Holder

Item G273             $30.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Kitchen Stove & Sink

Item G329            $15.00

Three Piece Kitchen Set

Item G240            $20.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Kitchen Stove

Item G383           $22.00

Gold Metal 4 Piece Parlor Set 
marked M.P. CO. MADE IN USA

Item G470            $70.00

German Refrigerator

Item G237         $18.00

German Painted Wooden Stove

Item G238              $15.00

1940's Marx Metal Kitchen

Item G239              $45.00

Old German Sofa and Two Chairs

Item G471         On hold

Small German Pier Mirror

Item G472            $22.00

German Schneegas "Golden
Oak" Upright Piano

Item G476            $95.00

German Soft Metal Baby Buggy & Cradle 

Item G247         $45.00

Tootsietoy 5pc. Living Room Group

Item G356             $35.00

Tootsietoy 8pc. Bathroom

Item G357           $35.00

Tootsietoy Grand Piano
and Bench

Item G358            $25.00

German Painted 5 pc, Dining
Room Set

Item G477              $120.00

Small Oak Table

Item G249          $15.00

Antique Grain Painted Tin Kitchen Cabinet

Item G316        $45.00

Barton Tudor Coffer

Item G204           $25.00

Barton Tudor Court Cupboard

Item G205            $35.00

Tootsietoy Living Room

Item G359            $25.00

Barton Tudor Table Set
with Dolls

Item G207            $40.00

Barton Tudor Three Door
Low Dresser

Item G208             $35.00

Tootsietoy Kitchen

Item G360          $25.00

Antique Oak High Chair

Item G231               $15.00

Vintage Flocked Wooden Sofa
and Rocking Chair

Item G527          SOLD, thank you!

Astor Piano with Bench

Item G492       $70.00

German Red Stain Upholstered Side Chair

Item G493        $30.00

small German Dressing Table & Chair

Item G233            $25.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Kitchen Nook Table & Bench

Item G465          $30.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Purple
Kitchen Nook Table & Benches

Item G486        SOLD, thank you!

German Yellow Painted Bed

Item G196               $25.00

Red Stain German Corner

Item G225               $35.00

Realy Truly Partial Kitchen

Item G501             $45.00

Red Stain German Secretary Desk

Item G189      $75.00

Tootsietoy 9pc Dining Room Set

Item G361            $30.00

Strombecker Odd Lot of 3/4" Kitchen Pieces

Item G317          $15.00

Strombecker 3/4" scale
6 pc. Bedroom Set

Item G266        $28.00

1932 Schoenhut 4 pc. Partial Bedroom Set

Item G502       SOLD, thank you!

Strombecker Jardiniere 
1930's,   1" scale

Item G535      SOLD, thank you!

Strombecker 1" Scale Kitchen Table & Two Chairs

Item G257               $20.00  

German "Red Stain" Bench
with Storage 

Item G172              $45.00

Tootsietoy 5 pc Bed Group

Item G362          $25.00

Dressing Table

Item G174          $25.00

Tootsietoy 5 pc. Pink Bedroom Group

Item G363             $25.00

German "Red Stain" Gate- Leg Table

Item G170              $55.00

German "Red Stain" Side Board

Item G171              $40.00

Strombecker Odd Lot of 7 Pink 3/4" Bedroom Pieces

Item G314        $12.00

Tootsietoy Gold Dining Room Pieces

Item G364            $25.00

Tootsietoy Lamps Tea Cart, Etc.

Item G365            $25.00

Tootsietoy Kitchen Pieces,

Item G366          $25.00

Old 4 pc. Set of Wooden Garden Furniture

Item G507         $40.00

Strombecker Bathroom Scale & Heater

Item G152          $20.00


Strombecker 1" scale 3 pc.
Blue Flocked Sofa Set

Item G259           $20.00

Old Cigar Box Furniture Lot 1

Item G420            $45.00

Old Cigar Box Furniture
Lot 2

Item G421                 $35.00

Kilgore Teeter Totter

Item G153         $45.00

Kilgore Scooter

Item G154        $55.00

Tooteistoy Daisy Doll House Furniture, Box Only

Item G367           $10.00

Tootsietoy "Daisy Doll House Furniture" Box Only

Item G368             $10.00

Lovely Larger Scale 4 Piece Wicker Set

Item G528          $18.00

Tootsietoy "Daisy Doll House Furniture" Box Only

Item G369            $18.00

"New Tootsietoy Furniture",
Box Only

Item G370               $20.00

"Tootsietoy Furniture Made In U.S.A."  Box only

Item G371           $15.00

Vintage Corner Fireplace

Item G128            $15.00

Small German Grand Piano

Item G246            $10.00

Jaymar "Happy Hour" Kitchen Stove & Hutch

Item G234           $15.00

Pair of German 3/4" Scale

Item G444          $15.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Dining Room 3 Pc. Set

Item G372            $30.00

"The Gate-Leg Suite"

Item G091          $65.00

Tynietoy Flip Top Table / Chair

Item G536          $45.00

Strombecker 3/4" scale 7pc
Odd Lot Bedroom Pieces

Item G319           $18.00

Stromecker 1" Scale 6pc. Purple Bedroom Set

Item G374           $75.00

American Oak Dining Room 

Item G165          $65.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 6pc, School Set, 

Item G375            $40.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Bed, Vanity, Bench, & Lamp

Item G221           $35.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Blue-
Silver 8pc. Dining Room Set

Item G376            $75.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 8 pc.
Red/Gold Living Room Set

Item G377            $75.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 
Red/Gold Piano & Bench

Item G378              $35.00

TynieToy Piano Bench

Item G009          $45.00

Wooden Chair

Item G015             $5.00

German Bedroom Set

Item G051         $55.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 7 pc.
Pink/Silver Bedroom Set

Item G379           $75.00

German "Red Stain" Table and Four Chairs

Item G158          $45.00

German "Red Stain" Buffet

Item G026            $55.00 

Sonia Messer Pot-Belly Stove MIB

Item G175         $10.00

Strombecker 1" Scale 3pc.
Bathroom Set, nice repaint

Item G464            $15.00

German "Red Stain" Chest

Item G029          $30.00

Porcelain Sink & Bath Tub
1" scale

Item G342         $10.00

Piano with Bench

Item G031       $30.00

German Soft Metal Set

Item G050         $35.00

German "Red Stain" Table

Item G033          $20.00

House of Miniatures Lot

Item G157         $15.00  (chair sold)

German "Red Stain" Sideboard

Item G035          $35.00

German Folding Garden Set

Item G078          $35.00

German "Red Stain" Chairs
---5 Available---

Item G037          $32.00 each

German "Red Stain" Chairs
---3 Available---

Item G038         $42.00 each

German Oak Table & Chairs

Item G049          $35.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Pink
Cradle with Rose Decal

Item G380         $35.00

Strombecker 7 Piece Painted 3/4" Scale Furniture Set

Item G072            $20.00

Set of 4 Chairs, 2 Marked West

Item G450          $10.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Red Kitchen Table & 2 Chairs

Item G384                $22.00

Triang Spot On Noah's Ark
MIB, 1/16 Scale

Item G438           $15.00

Triang Spot On Baby's Bath and Stand, Box, 1/16 Scale

Item G439         $22.00

Triang Spot On "Swanlyne"
Lavatory MIB, 1/16 Scale

Item G440              $10.00

Triang Spot On Dining Room Table, Box, 1/16 Scale

Item G441            $10.00

Velva Toys Living Room Set

Item G069        $55.00

Strombecker 1" Scale Pink/
Silver 7pc. Bedroom Set

Item G385            $65.00

Triang Spot On Bedroom Stool
No.1011 in Original Box

Item G442                $8.00

Brass Rocking Cradle 

Item G277           $15.00

Plastic Furniture Lot, Dining Room Set Mint in Blister Pac.

Item G520           $12.00

Marx 3 Piece Nursery Set 

Item G521          $8.00

Renwal Highchair in Original Box

Item G522           $5.00

Renwal Teacher's Desk Chair & Three Student Desks 

Item G523         $20.00

Renwal Teacher's Desk Chair & Two Student Desks

Item G524          $15.00

Ideal Sewing machine

Item G525        $8.00